Week 4: Rich McCue, Video, Audio Editing and image manipulation.

Today we had a guest speaker named Rich McCue join us to explore the topics of Video editing, Audio editing and Image manipulation. Using Mac’s garage band we played with music manipulation however this is a very powerful program that musicians actually use to produce music so we barely scratched the surface of it’s capabilities. What I loved was the use of iMovie which is a program I became familiar with a few years ago and lost touch with after purchasing a new Mac (which didn’t come with the program installed) . As a result I had stopped using it. The program has changed very little in recent years and I am happy to say it is still very user friendly and easy to navigate it’s many options. I had taken one-to-one training on the program years ago and that no doubt helped me with my understanding of the program however most of the other students seemed to be doing really will with it too. My favourite part of the day however was undeniably the chickens in the sea. We got a taste of green screen superimposition techniques which has peeked my curiosity to learn more and I look forward to playing with this technology some more.

January 31, 2019

Video conferencing technology (allowed our class to have a lecture with the man responsible for popularising the Fresh Grade program who came to us from Powell River

Tech + Infrastructure + Medium (phone) = e-portfolio birth

Ongoing documentation of progress and accomplishment.  No more deadlines and a cut off to learning is in opposition to life-long learning. All students progress at different rates so giving report card CUT OFF dates is absurd and cuts off learning in mid-sentence.  Moving on is ongoing.  Core competencies DO NOT Fit in to report cards.   For example:How do report cards report on creativity????  Creativity comes and goes, ebbs and flows.  Cannot be “reported on a specific date!!” How do you give a letter grade to where a child has come from and where he is going?? Portfolios = celebration of accomplishments on a child by child basis.  I got an A!  Great what can you do next time??  I don’t know, more of the same??  NO GROWTH

Performance standard Rubrics (concrete evidence) a couple of times a year to re-calibrate our direction IE Baseline Samples in September another in December Spring and Summer. Use Videos to compile information such as reading level, understanding, alternative methods of reading (audio books) 

Running Records are a living document and a beautiful evolutionary documentation.  Speech and behavioural diagnosis and assessment are much easier with video documentation.

E portfolio organization tools:

Scholantis Great in-district and transfers easily

Fresh grade (best interface but doesn’t transfer as easily as Scholantis)

Queo (interface is complicated)

Seesaw (American, FOI risk)

My Blue print (career portfolio is good)

Students learning should not start in Sept and end in June, it is an ongoing process so the assessment of their learning should be too.

Ian Landy @technolandy

Powell River

Promoting the use of technology in the classroom

Examples of opportunities to use video technology to bring the world to the classroom

  • Desktop sharing 
  • Report card sharing using technology (as opposed to skills comparison by grades)

*Communicating on student learning using PORTFOLIOS via freshgrade-esc programs in place of traditional report cards. LEARNERS PORTFOLIO

*Just in time learning and just in time reporting (note the benefits) personalization simply not possible with paper and pen reporting cards: grades don’t tell us anything about the child’s efforts or skills progression

  • How to make parents understand that the benefits of tech reporting are huge

Dark Horse.  Book about aiming for the middle averages and assessment   Book 

Gradual Release of Responsibilty:  Portfolios are compiled by educators in the lower grades and slowly the responsibility is released to the students who need to learn to compile their own portfolios, not just have great portfolios but show that they know how to make the portfolio.

Grades/checkmarks = Deccriptive Feedback Loop themselves their peers their parents and the teachers.  Learning is not a race it is a pursuit that we are all in together

Holistic review is more useful than an average any day

E-portfolios tell the student and the parents:

Here’s where you are right now and here’s where you’re headed.

BC ed Chat (Twitter Chat) Sunday at 7pm

ATassess Standards based grading 

Doug Reeves

Ken O’Connor : Assessment Gurus

 Global read aloud literary guru see blogs

 Thin edge to the Wedge


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