Class 9 Minecraft, it is still awesome!

Heidi, Colquitz School.
IP address:
(Lesson plans and ideas for cross-curricular)
Used for flex time in some schools. The students are responsible for maintaining and regulating the system. Running on Microsoft version however the privacy agreements have not been established yet so many of the schools are still running on the old version of Mojing . EDU is no longer being updated however it is being maintained by Microsoft who bought it. Microsoft account + School account = access

Using Minecraft on a iPhone restricts access to the server so the player can be isolated. To access open servers all you need is an IP address.
Bite Listing locked server so that only select people can access.
Access is server dependant. If the server is protected so is the player. If the server is open then the students are exposed.

Start by playing in tutorial mode:
Benefits Educational: Team work is essential and conversation is a huge in this game so Minecraft is a very social event. Teamwork etc is a big component.
Curriculum Ideas
-X-y-z curricular competencies (grade &) Componants of the Cartesian plane
-Rise and fall of ancient civilizations

I remain uncertain of how I might utilize this in the classroom but I am open to further inquiry!


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