They took my script away!!!

So we have been steadily rehearsing with our trusty bibles (scripts) and were just informed that this Saturday is off book. This is theatre talk for S.O.L if you don’t know your lines, which I do not! I have been crazy busy with a million things on the go not the least of which is school, L’s birthday and P’s endless practices (of which she is becoming frustrated) and needless to say I haven’t learned my lines. That is not entirely true, I do know my lines, I just don’t know when to say them or to whom! Minor technicality really! (OH NO!!). Anyway, I now have two days to nail down my lines and I am terrified!
So now it’s Saturday and apparently blogging about my inadequate study time did in fact result in me somehow getting about 70% of my lines which frankly is a shock to me! Anyway, we now have practice every Mon, Wed, and Saturday for no less than 3 hours a day until show time! I hope I get this all figured out!!



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